Have you made a commitment to meditate?

Would a built in structure support your intention?

Are you struggling with a regular meditation practice? You've done your research, you know that a regular practice will help you address some of the core issues that hold you back. I know, once I started practicing mindfulness meditation I gained access to my own resilience tools that supported me in quitting smoking, reducing anxiety and becoming curious about my own habits and responses.

In this 8-week course, new content is delivered to you once a week that will support you where you are at in your practice. We all suffer from similar issues when we start to meditate. How do I get comfortable? What do I do with my thoughts? Am I the only person who becomes emotional when I sit? This course helps you in knowing that you are not alone and there are ways to find your own answers to these common concerns.

I am offering a one-in-one coaching session as well to work through a personal obstacle that is holding you back in your meditation.


  • Be curious

    Techniques to support your inquiries about the benefits of mindfulness in your life.

  • At home

    Structured meditation support at home - when and where you need it.

  • With coaching

    This 8-week course also includes a personal coaching session to support your mindfulness practice.


After completing this course you can:

  • Establish an attitude of curiosity towards engaging in a mindfulness practice.

  • Identify the immediate benefits of meditation for you, such as enhanced calm and steadiness, compassion and mental clarity.

  • Clarify personal values of a consistent meditation practice.

  • Understand any personal obstacles you have that challenge a consistent mediation practice.

  • Practice reflective writing on what emerges in your meditation practice.

  • Initiate a mindfulness practice on your own terms.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Prepare for the Course
    • Instructions on how to take this course
    • Tickler questions on why meditate
    • Purchasing a meditation cushion or stool
    • Instructions for booking a coaching session
    • What are your objectives in establishing a meditation practice?
    • What brought you here?
  • 2
    Week One: Breathing Body
    • Week One Instructions
    • Week One Objectives
    • Keeping Track
    • Week One Presentation
    • Week One: Call to Meditation
    • Week One Resources
    • What is your relationship with curiosity?
    • Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation Quiz (based on the reading assignments for this week)
    • Week One Learnings (take this survey at the end of the week)
  • 3
    Week Two: Posture
    • Week Two Instructions
    • Week Two Objectives
    • Keeping Track
    • Week Two Presentation
    • Week Two: Call to Meditation
    • Week Two Resources
    • Posture Quiz (based on the reading assignments for this week)
    • What have you learned about your posture since you started meditating?
    • Week Two Learnings (take this survey at the end of the week)
  • 4
    Week Three: Create Space
    • Week Three Instructions
    • Week Three Objectives
    • Keeping Track
    • Week Three Presentation
    • Week Three: Call to Meditation
    • Week Three Resources
    • Reflect on your intention . What intention or words are you using to begin your meditation?
    • Meditation Space Quiz (based on the reading assignments for this week)
    • Week Three Learnings (take this survey at the end of the week)
  • 5
    Week Four: Thoughts
    • Week Four Instructions
    • Week Four Objectives
    • Keeping Track
    • Week Four Presentation
    • Week Four: Call to Meditation
    • Week Four Resources
    • Thinking Quiz (based on the reading assignments for this week)
    • What is your experience with imaging thoughts as clouds?
    • Week Four Learnings (take this survey at the end of the week)
  • 6
    Week Five: Emotions
    • Week Five Instructions
    • Week Five Objectives
    • Keeping Track
    • Week Five Presentation
    • Week Five: Call to Meditation
    • Week Five Resources
    • Reflection: Describe a time when you were able to separate your emotions from your identity.
    • Week Five Learnings
  • 7
    Week Six: Open Mind and Emergence
    • Instructions
    • Week Six Objectives
    • Keeping Track
    • Week Six Presentation
    • Week Six: Call to Meditation
    • Week Six Resources
    • Open Mind and Emergence Quiz (based on the reading assignments for this week)
    • What aspect of your identity or behavior would you like to shift as a result of meditation?
    • Week Six Learnings
  • 8
    Week Seven: Lovingkindness
    • Week Seven Instructions
    • Week Seven Objectives
    • Keeping Track
    • Week 7 Presentation
    • Week Seven: Call to Meditation
    • Week Seven Resources
    • Lovingkindness Quiz (based on the reading assignments for this week)
    • Who do you chose to be included in your lovingkindness practice this week?
    • Week Seven Learnings
  • 9
    Week Eight: Sustainable Practice
    • Week Eight: Instructions
    • Week Eight Objectives
    • Keeping Track
    • Week Eight Presentation
    • Week Eight: Call to Meditation
    • Week Eight Resources
    • Sustainable Practice Quiz (based on the reading assignments for this week)
    • What is the largest obstacle you have encountered and how have you learned to overcome it?
    • Week Eight Learnings

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