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Inclusive Competencies

Take the journey to develop competencies and capacities to build an inclusive worldview.

  • Commit to a regular meditation practice to integrate differences.

  • Develop awareness of the impact of your identity (race, ethnicity, gender, and so on).

  • Cultivate conflict prevention skills.

  • Conduct Inclusion Assessment of your organization to identify the gaps.

Social proof: testimonials

by Dr. Kyle Good

You aren't alone

by Dr. Kyle Good

The content of the course drew me in. It provided a scaffolding that created an inner anticipation of wanting to learn more. Kind of like being eager to watch the next episode of a captivating series. I felt a deep permission to "try" without worry. Hearing your voice versus just reading the information was comforting and encouraging. Meditation for me in the past has had a hint of loneliness and isolation. Hearing your voice describe the process allowed me to feel like I had an encouraging partner and that I was not alone in the process.