Will you make a commitment to pause?

Taking time during the day for mindfulness with others

The stresses of working and interacting with others throughout the day can be exhausting. This course offers a taste of mindful dialogue with self and others.

Research from across the spectrum continues to establish the many benefits of mindfulness practices. Most of these are oriented for the individual self. This course builds upon current individually-focused mindfulness practices and extends them to a group-oriented mindfulness practice.

Not only will you experience the benefits of cultivating a mindfulness practice but you will learn that practicing mindfulness in a group reveals the emergent beauty and resourcefulness of interdependency.

Who is this for?

All kinds of relationships.

This practice is for teams and groups seeking to improve the atmosphere or vibe of their environment. This series of workshops will tighten the collaboration and increase creativity within teams and improve cultures.

Participants also experience the calm provided by mindfulness practice that they can bring in to their personal lives at home.

It's as easy as pressing pause.


Mindfullness with others.

  • Offers many of the benefits commonly associated with meditation, such as enhanced calm and steadiness, compassion and mental clarity.

  • Experience enhanced group creativity.

  • Establish an attitude of curiosity towards engaging in a mindfulness practice.

  • Cultivate trusting community.

  • Open space for true dialogue.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Week 1 Introduction
    • Silent meditation
    • Presentation: Collective Wisdom of a Group
    • Insight Dialogue Guidelines
    • Insight Dialogue Practice
  • 2
    Week 2 Pause
    • Silent meditation
    • Presentation: Pause
    • Insight Dialogue Practice
  • 3
    Week 3 Relax
    • Silent Meditation
    • Presentation: Relax
    • Insight Dialogue Practice
  • 4
    Week 4 Open
    • Silent Meditation
    • Presentation: Open
    • Insight Dialogue Practice
  • 5
    Week 5 Trust Emergence
    • Silent Meditation
    • Presentation: Trust Emergence
    • Insight Dialogue Practice
  • 6
    Week 6 Listen Deeply
    • Silent Practice
    • Presentation: Listen Deeply
    • Insight Dialogue Practice
  • 7
    Week 7 Speak the Truth
    • Silent Meditation
    • Presentation: Speak the Truth
    • Insight Dialogue Practice
  • 8
    Week 8 Horizons
    • Silent Meditation
    • Insight Dialogue
    • Discussion: Where do we go from here?

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